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Leveraging science-based mindfulness and relationship tools to
help executives, couples, and individuals live their best life

Nate draws on his unique experience as a formally trained philosopher and bestselling author on mindfulness and marriage to help clients achieve transformational change. He spent the last decade creating one of the world's first mindfulness-based coaching programs as a cofounder at LifeXT (Life Cross Training). He has coached high performers at firms like Deloitte Consulting, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avia Health Innovation, and Abundant Venture Partners as well as numerous couples looking to optimize their relationship.

Coaching Philosophy


We all get caught in unconscious patterns and behaviors. It's not because we're doing something wrong. It's because we're human.

Coaching is really just about making one simple, but not always easy, shift: the shift from being unconscious to conscious, from slipping into the trance of unhelpful patterns to becoming aware of them in real time.

To help his clients make this transformational shift, Nate uses a variety of tools and modalities. He uses science-based mindfulness training to help clients build the muscle of focused attention and awareness. He uses the practices from his bestselling book The 80/80 Marriage to help couples create a more intentional relationship mindset and structure.

When you coach with Nate, you begin a journey of seeing all of life, not just work or relationships or difficult moments, as an opportunity to grow and to live more intentionally.

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Individual Coaching


Nate offers individual clients a rare opportunity to work directly with one of the nation's leading experts on mindfulness and marriage. Clients explore powerful tools for shifting their experience of life. Work begins with a half day session and then includes sessions every other week or every month to sustain the momentum of positive change.  

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Couples Coaching


Nate works with couples to help them improve the mindset and structure of their relationship. This work includes shifting to a mindset of radical generosity and a more intentional structure of roles, priorities, boundaries, and power. Work begins with a half day session and then includes sessions every other week or every month.

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