Some of my favorite videos on life,
integrated mindfulness, meditation in strange places,
and interviews with those who have inspired me.

How to Go Into Distraction - Mindfully

Everyone's talking about avoiding distraction. But what about when you can't? Here's how you can distract yourself mindfully.


How to Meditate in a Crowded Airplane

Filming yourself in public is always awkward. Filming yourself meditating on a plane -- about as awkward as it gets.


A Rare Interview With my Spiritual Guru

My Grandma Hilda passed away at the age of 97 and offers sage advice on a life well lived.


Meditation Gone Wild

How to bring your mindfulness practice off the cushion and into the great outdoors.


Do you have 'email apnea'?

Ever notice the shift that happens in your mind after hours of emailing...There's a name for that.


How to Commute Mindfully (With Priti Patel)

Meditation can happen anywhere. Here's what it looks like on a busy Chicago commuter train.


My Interview With Self-Improvement Legend Gay Hendricks

These are some old videos from a blog I started in 2011 called Life Beyond Logic. The videos a little grainy, but the insights are still awesome....

Extreme Airplane Meditation

The Challenge? Count every breath from DEN to LAX (2 hour flight).

My Interview With Yoga Master Erich Shiffmann

Another old one on Erich's practice of developing intuition through simple choices throughout the day.

My Interview With World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher Byron Katie

This video is too old and I look too young in it to post it. Is that true?


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